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FAQ's by Patients

How do I use CareSite Specialty Pharmacy?

Simply have your doctor’s office either call (800.757.0389) or fax (866.460.4619) your prescription to our pharmacy. You could also call CareSite Specialty Rx at 800.757.0389 and ask them to have your specialty medication transferred from your current pharmacy.

How much will the medication/service cost?

There are no additional costs for the extra services that CareSite Specialty Rx provides; we feel it is imperative to your success to provide these services at no additional charge. The only cost is the co-pay assigned by your insurance provider.

How is my medication delivered and what about my refills?

Your specialty medications are delivered via courier or shipped to either your home or the physician’s office, as directed by your physician. Refills will automatically be coordinated by your Patient Advocate to ensure you have them when you need them.

Can CareSite help me with my co-pay? What if I hit the Medicare Part D donut hole?

CareSite Specialty Rx takes tremendous pride in helping our patients get the medications they need. Our staff includes experts in payment assistance programs utilizing support groups, patient assistance programs, and pharmaceutical companies to help patients with their co-pays, including individuals that have entered the Medicare Part D Donut Hole. This is done on an individual basis; where the assistance comes from and how it is applied for usually depends on demographic information, diagnosis and medication.

Will CareSite accept my insurance?

Yes, CareSite Specialty Rx works with all forms of insurance, medical assistance and prescription coverage.